Bohemian and tribal gypsy jewelry for the free of spirit and wild at heart

‘Growing up in the outer suburbs of London I never dreamed that I would end up living up in a tiny town in rural Australia and loving every minute of it’.

Having worked in the film and television industry for much of my UK based career, when I moved to Australia with my husband I decided I would take a different path. I have always loved making things and Quisnam started as a way to relieve some of the stresses that we all face in our daily lives. Sitting down with the intention of creating something is, for me, almost meditative. I can’t for the life of me remember when or even how I discovered etsy but, as soon as I did, a dream began to grow and, encouraged by family and friends, I launched my shop.

Life is frequently beautiful but often imperfect. My jewelry aesthetic reflects this and is handmade using new, recycled and salvaged materials. Rust, flaky paint, frayed ribbon – to some imperfections - are a feature of my designs and add to an item's uniqueness and beauty, a sentiment that could also just as easily be applied to life I think.

Having long been a frequenter of charity thrift shops (following in the footsteps of my mum) I love the idea of a ‘found’ object and incorporate them in my designs as often as I can. 'What else could this be?' is a question I often myself, hence my shop’s name Quisnam, which is Latin for ‘who’ or ‘what’. Over time my work has evolved and I have developed a recognizable style with a focus on texture and color; textile and ethnic embroidery, fiber and silk make frequent guest appearances in my pieces!

I am endlessly interested in the meaning humans attach to things- this is why a lot of my work incorporates objects that are considered amulets and talismans in some cultures. I only work when I feel inspired or I have a story to tell. I think this authenticity is communicated through the finished piece in much the same way as a canvas communicates the thoughts and feelings of the painter.

Apart from a shop window, etsy is also a doorway to a warm and welcoming community. Whilst I may never meet in person many of the lovely people, fellow artists and customers, I have discovered through etsy I count them as friends and my life is all the richer for it.